Top 3 Reasons DTG Users Switch to Polyprint

Top 3 Reasons DTG Users Switch to Polyprint

Are you interested in switching to a direct-to-garment printer that helps you save money while providing superior print quality, and work with a company that is passionate about supporting their customers? If you said yes, then you’re ready to experience the top differences that Polyprint USA can provide:

  1. Lower ink prices and maintenance costs that keep more money in your pockets
  2. Superior print quality that will amaze customers
  3. Top-notch support that goes above and beyond to help your business grow

Keep reading to find out what you can expect when choosing to use a Polyprint DTG printer for your business.

Major Savings on Ink and Maintenance Costs

A perk you can expect when using a Polyprint DTG is more cost-effective prices for the specially formulated quality ink. This means you’ll be printing with some of the lowest cost-per-print in the direct-to-garment industry. See how much you could be saving on ink by using our DTG ink cost audit tool.

Speaking of savings, you will also experience fewer costs associated with machine maintenance. This is because auto-maintenance for the TexJet echo2 is an option to turn on for when it’s truly needed, like in very low humidity or extremely high temperature work environments.

Users that switch to Polyprint appreciate how the echo2 lets them choose how often the auto-maintenance gets triggered. This is a great way to save money on unnecessary ink loss when the printer is used regularly in a space with correctly regulated humidity and temperature.

Every dtg printer on the market will eventually need a part replacement, but we believe that Polyprint replacement parts should be cost-effective when needed outside of warranty. And usually, parts can easily be replaced by the user so there’s no reason to have a technician install the part. Even better? You can earn free extended warranties through a loyalty points program.

With these major increases in savings, you’ll keep more money in your pocket and see a faster return on investment. Some customers find they save so much in ink costs during the first year of switching that they have enough to purchase an additional Polyprint printer.

Higher Print Quality

Savings are great, but savings paired with superior digital print quality is even better! The TexJet echo2 has the smallest ink drop capability in the industry at 3pl. This allows you to achieve prints with sharp detail, vivid colors, crisp details, premium white-ink density, and single pass coverage.

DTG users that switch to Polyprint are happily surprised that an advanced RIP is included as a standard. The Polyprint RIP gives the user more control and comes with every TexJet echo2. It includes key features that help the machine conserve ink, streamline workflows, enhance color management, queue customization, custom platen creation, advanced color replication features, and much more.

Premium Support During Your DTG Journey

All direct-to-garment printers on the market have good qualities to them, but what makes a good DTG machine turn into an amazing one? We believe it’s the level of support and commitment to service that the user once the printer is installed. Users that switch to a Polyprint printer are happily surprised with the personalized support they receive.

At Polyprint USA, we pride ourselves in providing customers with leading technical support and helpful educational services. Support from us doesn’t end after the printer is set up; You will always receive unlimited and ongoing support during your entire DTG journey from our US-Based team. Our support includes video training calls, phone, email, and text message support.

Over 1400 on-site technicians all across the US are available for our users typically within 24 hours if needed. The good news is that these techs are rarely needed, but it’s a priority for us that you will be taken care of quickly so your business can continue to grow.

Your Partner in DTG

When working with Polyprint USA, you will never feel like you’re just a customer. That’s because we are your partner in dtg printing, not just someone who sells you the equipment and supplies. We are here to support you, celebrate with you, and give you the best tools to help your business grow. Click here to learn more and speak with one of our DTG business specialists. We can’t wait to join you on your DTG journey!

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