Top 5 Reasons DTG Helps Your Business Grow

Top 5 Reasons DTG Helps Your Business Grow

Direct-to-garment printing is one of the most versatile ways a business can grow its customer base and increase sales. Every garment decorating method has pros and cons, but DTG stands out from the rest when it comes to these top 5 reasons:

  1. Minimal setup time gives a profitable way to print low quantity orders
  2. Unlimited design options with no color limit
  3. Small equipment setup is accessible for at-home-based businesses and beyond
  4. Makes on-demand fulfillment easy
  5. Customers will love all the benefits that DTG can offer

Continue reading to find out more about how DTG is worth it for your business.

Minimal Set-Up Time Gives a Profitable Way to Print Low Quantity Orders

A major benefit of DTG is the minimal time it takes to set up a job. It is very simple to upload the artwork to the printing program (RIP), pretreat the garment, load the garment onto the machine and push print. Since time is money, spending less time setting up for a job makes direct-to-garment a cost-effective tool for your business.

With a minimal setup time, DTG is valuable for printing one-off designs and low quantity orders. Printing single quantity jobs, custom designs, samples, and fill-in pieces are done efficiently without the time-consuming setup that other garment decorating methods require.

Screen printing businesses will save money setting up orders that are on average 24 pieces and under, or fill-ins for larger orders that were previously screen printed. Little setup time also makes customizing designs for e-commerce sales and sports teams easy while being profitable.

Unlimited Design Options With No Color Limit

Some forms of garment decorating, especially screen printing and vinyl, can be limited on how many colors can be in the design. DTG is perfect for printing orders with as low as one color all the way to unlimited colors. Being able to offer unlimited colors for print jobs is a great way to expand your customer base and helps to stop turning away customers with designs that exceed your color count maximums.

DTG allows you to print high color counts from detailed artwork, like watercolor or photorealistic designs. You can even print low color counts or one-color designs. The artwork and design options are truly limitless.

Photorealistic DTG prints | TexJet printers

The Polyprint TexJet echo2 makes printing any color count simple while keeping high-quality sharp details and vibrant colors.

Small DTG Setup Is Accessible for At-Home-Based Businesses and Beyond

Another helpful benefit of DTG is the small footprint that the setup requires. The minimal equipment needed is a direct-to-garment printer, pretreatment machine, and a heat press. This makes it perfect for at-home-based businesses, all the way to businesses in larger spaces.

At-home-based businesses can fit a DTG workspace in a guest bedroom or home office. It’s also possible to convert a garage to a full-time DTG shop by making a few updates to the space.

Polyprint TexJet echo2 DTG setup in home-based business


DTG offers larger companies a low cost of entry to expand their business offering and marketability to existing and new customers. It’s also easily scalable to maximize production efficiency.

Not only does the DTG equipment take up minimal space, but it also makes for a clean working environment. All ink stays sealed in the printer, and there is no spray adhesive needed compared to other decoration methods. Even the pretreat solution can stay enclosed in an automatic pretreatment machine. The Polyprint PreTreater Pro takes cleanliness to the next level with its unique “box-in-a-box” design that shields the workspace and the machine’s parts from pretreat solution mist.

Makes On-Demand Fulfillment Easy

DTG is the best way to offer on-demand fulfillment for apparel brands, e-commerce shops, and contract printing. This allows businesses to print orders on-demand as they receive them instead of bulk screen printing and stocking them.

Apparel brands and e-commerce shops can utilize DTG to manage overhead costs with a no-stock inventory strategy by only keeping blanks on hand. It lowers the risk of testing new designs and makes it cost-effective to have a new design launch. This is because printing one design for a new listing or marketing photos is easily done with minimal setup time.

DTG is a way for established garment decorators to get into on-demand contract printing for apparel brands. Depending on order volume, you can print each order as it comes in, or print a small stock to hold and fill in as needed. The versatility of this printing method allows for minimal setup time, low inventory strategy, and even makes it easy to pack and ship the orders.

Customers Will Love All the Benefits DTG Offers

There are many aspects of DTG that will allow you to market to more customers. This includes eco-friendly ink, feeling of the print, wearability, and no minimum quantity required.

DTG ink is water-based making it eco-friendly. The CPSIA and Oeko-Tex certified inks are safe for everyone and perfect for marketing printed products used for babies and children.

Customers will also be impressed with the soft touch of the print, which commonly feels like it becomes part of the garment after the first wash. You can market this soft print against other forms of printing that might leave a thick or scratchy feel.

They will also love the washability and wearability of these printed items, which last beyond many washes with no peeling and should age like a water-based screen print.

Grow Your Business With DTG

These are just the top 5 reasons how DTG can help your business grow, but there are many more depending on your business model. After reading this, it’s a great time to list out the ways that adding direct-to-garment printing will be worth it for your business.

At Polyprint USA, we never just send you an add to cart button to buy a printer. It’s important to us that DTG is a good fit for your business, and we enjoy learning more about your business model. Click the link below to learn more about our DTG products and to connect with one of our business specialists.


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