What to Know About DTG Bulk Ink

What to Know About DTG Bulk Ink

The main cost of a DTG print can come from the ink used, which is why so many people are interested in using bulk ink. But, it is important to know how using sealed cartridges or bulk ink can affect your profitability.

Bulk ink is an amazing way to reduce the cost of ink when printing DTG. Before choosing a direct-to-garment printer for your business, it’s best to know if it uses sealed cartridges or a bulk ink system.

The key takeaways from this article:

  1. Bulk ink is best for setups printing consistently and daily for multiple hours.
  2. Don’t start with bulk ink while you’re learning how to use the new printer to avoid unnecessary costs.
  3. Having the option to start with sealed cartridges and later upgrade to bulk ink is an important feature to have for a DTG printer
  4. The Polyprint TexJet echo2 lets you choose to use sealed cartridges or bulk ink depending on what’s best for your business.

What You Should Know About Bulk Ink

The best part about bulk ink is how much money it can save you. Since you’re buying the ink in bulk, your overall ink cost is reduced. But you can lose money if your new printer starts with bulk ink and your production isn’t at the right level.

Bulk ink is best for setups printing daily for multiple hours. When this type of DTG ink system is used and not printed consistently it can result in unwanted maintenance that adds up to costing more than you were saving.

DTG Ink - Cost Comparison Chart

When to NOT Use Bulk Ink

When you get a new direct-to-garment printer, your machine will not be in full time operation while you are learning how to DTG print. This means that your printer might sit for longer than normal until you get familiar with the machine and ramp up your production. If your machine starts with a bulk ink system, it’s likely that it will require more maintenance and cost you money in ink waste.

To avoid the unnecessary costs that can happen while you’re learning about the new machine, it’s best to get a DTG printer that offers both sealed cartridges and bulk ink. This is why the Polyprint TexJet echo2 offers both type of ink systems, which allows the printer to be catered to the user so you have the option to do what’s best for your business. When you have the option to start with sealed cartridges, you can leave your printer un-used for longer periods of time without risking additional damage from minimal use.

When You Should Switch To Bulk Ink

When your DTG printer starts with sealed cartridges, it’s important to have the option to upgrade into bulk ink for when you have a growing demand. So when is the right time to switch to bulk ink? Here are the top factors that can let you know when you’re ready for bulk ink:

  • The machine is printing consistently for 5+ hours daily
  • If you’re running more than one DTG printer, bulk will allow you to save a lot of money over time
  • If you’re running multiple shifts on your printer

Starting with sealed cartridges in your new TexJet echo2 and later moving to the bulk ink system is easy to do with minimal cost for the upgrade.

Helping You Choose the Best Ink System for Your Business

Once it’s the right time for you to switch to the bulk system you will increase your profitability from the savings in ink prices. Are you interested in a DTG printer but unsure if you should start with sealed cartridges or bulk for the ink system?

Our team at Polyprint USA will be happy to help you make the smartest choice for your business. Click here to be connected to one of our DTG business specialists.

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