About Us

What we do

We specialize in dtg printing technology, helping garment decorators start and grow successfully with cost-efficient solutions and great customer support.

Polyprint USA (a Polyprint subsidiary) based in Charlotte, North Carolina, was created to support existing customers and serve the growing demand of DTG printing, adding to a global network of distributors in 50+ countries.

Our main goal is to better serve current and future Polyprint equipment users with a fully staffed and stocked US based operation, generating a closer bond with our customers.

We are committed to creating a local supply chain of our products to help apparel decorators grow by offering state-of-the-art, yet affordable dtg products. Our direct link to clients will streamline our efficiency by providing leading technical support and  ongoing educational services.

Our intent is to inspire progress in the custom apparel community to step up their game with dtg technology. Our skilled personnel offer technical, sales, and marketing support to our distributors and end-users, creating business opportunities for all parties.

Our mission
  • Help garment decorators grow sustainably by providing excellent products and services.
  • Provide cutting-edge support to maintain their success.
  • Deliver state-of-the-art DTG printers and other products.
Our vision
  • Innovate fearlessly to exceed expectations.
  • Customize solutions for every customer’s needs.
  • Empower entrepreneurs to create apparel businesses that they love.
Our values
  • Be passionate and innovative in our field of expertise.
  • Be environmentally friendly in our creations.
  • Be empathetic, responsible, and trustworthy.

Our Story

The company’s foundations root back to 1976 in Thessaloniki, Greece, where Nikos Benglopoulos, a visionary of his time, sought out to educate businesses and help them grow. Selling screen printing machinery and consumables at the time, he made it his mission to help small businesses advance by teaching them how to print. At that time the region of Northern Greece was one of the biggest production hubs for famous European clothing brands.

Quickly adapting to market demands (late 1990’s) for the fast production of small quantities cost-effectively, the company steadily turned to innovative digital printing technology for the solution. Standing out from the crowd, Polyprint was founded in 2003 and sold textile printing equipment (dye sublimation and roll-to-roll direct-to-textile printing machines).

A pioneer of its time, Polyprint continued its innovative path by investing in direct-to-garment printing technology and unveiled its first TexJet dtg printer, at the 2005 SGIA show, in the US. Since 2006, Polyprint has been devoted to dtg technology by designing, developing, and manufacturing printers with the brand name TexJet®.

Meet the Team

Luke - CEO
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Brenden - DTG Technician
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Elizabeth - Social Media
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Nate - Business Specialist
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Luke Ryerkerk

"After printing my first t-shirt, I was hooked!"

Luke Ryerkerk is a visionary with extensive experience in both Direct-to-Garment and screen-printing technology. Involved with garment decorating for well over a decade, Luke started a screen-printing business in Tennessee, where they quickly turned to DTG to satisfy growing market demand for short runs. DTG printing became a passion, as he found a profound joy in helping business owners start and grow their companies successfully.

“We’re here to help anyone interested in DTG technology to push forward by fearlessly innovating in the field and exceeding customer expectations. Always, alongside our valuable Polyprint partners.”, states Luke.