DTG Ink Cost Audit - Polyprint vs. Epson

Take a spin with our ink cost audit to see what you can save by choosing a TexJet echo2 from Polyprint USA over an Epson DTG.

At $230 for 600ml of white ink, the Epson has some of the highest ink prices among DTG manufacturers. This puts you at $0.38 per ml with Epson ink vs. $0.29 per ml for Polyprint ink in sealed cartridges. 

As an example, we processed an average design at 11” wide for printing on a black shirt. We used standard settings for Garment Creator with the Epson F2100 and CADlink with the echo2. The design would cost $2.19 in ink using the Epson F2100 and $0.69 in ink using the echo2. That would be $150 in savings per 100 prints of this design! If you’re averaging 200 shirts per week, that would be $14,400 just in ink savings per year with a standard design like this!

Link to design used.

CADlink Digital Factory Polyprint Edition

Screen shot of CADlink’s cost calculator of the design ripped is shown above. Note: we commonly recommend using $0.35 per garment for an estimated cost of pretreatment. The cost per ml is for when you’re using refillable cartridges. Sealed cartidges will run $0.29 per ml and the cost of this print would be $1.35.

Garment Creator RIP for Epson F2100

Above is the screenshot from Garment Creator RIP that is used with the Epson F2100. You’ll see the calculated cost for ink shown here.